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Our history

How it all started

Each East Range Group company was founded as a regional high purity water systems and service company, focused on providing responsive, expert, and local services to facilities throughout their respective geographies. Pure Flow, the oldest of the four East Range Group companies, has built and maintained critical high purity water systems at facilities throughout New England since 1982. Our approach has been to keep the existing staff, brand, and service-centric regional focus of our companies intact. We’ve then invested heavily in our teams, operations, and shared capabilities, enabling each of the businesses to continue growing and thriving.

Systems built
Customers today

“If you’re lucky enough to excel at meaningful work you enjoy, you’re very fortunate. But if you do meaningful work you enjoy with people you love, you’ve truly won the lottery.”

Jim Collins
Our People

The best team in high purity water

Each company within East Range Group delivers the dedicated service experience of a regionally-focused team, complemented by the extensive resources, deep bench of talent, and far-reaching technical capabilities of a larger organization.

The heart of East Range Group culture is embodied in our three core values:

We are positive
We are determined to win
We have each other’s backs

Together we are building a phenomenal place to work